Destination Packs Project City Spotlight: San Francisco

It’s that time of the week again- time to discover a new place to explore! This week, we’re zoning-in on one of the coolest cities in California: San Francisco. For those hailing from so-Cal, San Francisco is far enough that it feels like a vacation, but close enough to visit for a weekend.

There’s even a sleeper train straight from Los Angeles! If you live in one of the other 50 states, it’s a worthwhile destination for so many reasons. 

Why We Love San Fran


Located on the coast of northern California, San Francisco is known for a lot more than foggy mornings and big hills. Bright, Victorian-style houses line streets that lead to, well, whatever you want!

Visit the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, explore Fisherman’s Wharf, or take a peek at the infamous Alcatraz Island. Once the site of a federal prison, rumor has it the island is still haunted! 

The beach offers incredible views of the coastline, but that’s far from the only scenery San Fran has to offer. It’s also home to the Muir Woods National Monument, where you’ll find towering redwoods and some of the best trails on the west coast. 

If you’re more into nightlife than nature, don’t worry. There’s PLENTY of that in Union Square!

Where to Stay


Because there are so many different areas in San Francisco, choosing a hotel is a tough call. Each area has its own flavor, so consider what you’re looking for before you go.

If you like late nights, go with downtown. Tourism? Fisherman’s Wharf is a family fave. Cute and cozy hipster cafes? The Mission is known for its unique culture and amazing eateries. 

If we had to choose one hotel, we’d go with the Fairmont San Francisco. The 4-star hotel is top-rated, luxurious, and close to almost every attraction you’ll want to see. 

Fun Facts


Everyone knows about the Golden Gate Bridge, but did you know that its trademark color was a complete accident?

The engineer used the orange paint as a primer, but he liked it so much he decided to keep it for good. 

Speaking of color, our Lux Tan line is finally back in stock! Can you tell we’re excited?

From one glance at our site, you can see we like to keep things simple. All our packs are made with clean lines and a classic design, but tan has been one of our bestsellers for a reason. The tan and black signature style adds a sophisticated spin, with all of the quality and features our customers know and love!  

Since it is a limited edition (and on sale!), grab a Lux Tan Mercer Duffel or Mason Backpack while supplies last. If you love the design as much as we do, the Elite Bag Set includes all four bags in the Lux Tan series...and this week you can get your own for over $150 off! 

What to Pack

Once your new Luxe Tan pack has arrived, it’s time to fill it up with everything you need. 

The Golden City is usually cool and breezy. It rarely gets below freezing even in winter, and most of the time the skies are clear. We recommend bringing light layers and long pants, especially during the cooler months. If you visit in winter, throw a rain jacket in your pack just in case. 


In your
Lux Tan backpack, bring a protein bar or some nuts for lasting energy and lots of water.

There’s so much to see in San Francisco, but those trekking up those hills are hard work! 









Have a favorite spot in Frisco? Share in the comments!

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