The Project Continues

Same Mission,
Bigger Vision.


The Packs brand was built on the idea of “everything better”; Better customer care, better materials, better business practices, better bags. But we’re not finished.

What's New?

We’re making it easier for consumers to give back to causes they care about! In 2021, Packs is determined to:

- Provide transparent donations with every purchase- 1% with every purchase
- Empower customers with choices. Now, you can choose which charity your purchase benefits!
- Monthly donation specials to offer even more support to timely causes

How it Works?

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Simply shop your favorite Packs styles.

Select A Cause

At checkout, select any cause or charity you're passionate about.

Auto Donate 1%

Complete your transaction and we'll send 1% of your purchase directly to the charity of your choice.

What we believe

For us, being better never ends. In 2020, we realized that everything worth fighting for-- like sustainability, ethical material sourcing, and building a better world-- doesn’t come with a finish line. Being better isn’t a project. It’s what our company strives for every single day.

The Packs brand now offers the same great service, the same ethically-conscious promise, and the same amazing bags; only better!

Choose your Bag,
Choose your Cause,
Choose your Next Adventure.