Destination Packs Project: Planning the Perfect Staycation

With a stormy Thanksgiving across the states, nothing sounds better than cozying up with a hot cup of cider. If a big trip isn't in the cards this holiday season, never fear! There's tons to do without driving far. Exploring the hidden corners of your city is relaxing and exciting all at once- no delayed flights, but plenty of surprises! These are some of our favorite ideas for wintertime adventures close to home. 

1. Visit a museum

Museums are amazing destinations, even when the skies are grey. Think museums are for elderly art buffs and graphic design students? Think again! Art museums often have a little of everything, so check out what current exhibits are running near you. If nothing sparks your fancy, don’t sweat it.

There are also natural history museums, military museums, and even living museums, where you can speak to the people who were actually there! In Washington D.C., there’s even a Spy Museum

2. Attend a concert

Live music is another way to boost your spirits when you’re stuck inside. Listening to live music even has proven health benefits, like stress reduction and improved mood.

Even better, if you get up and dance, it can help negate the effects of one too many holiday treats. It also helps people to feel more connected to each other, so bring a friend (or 5)!

A quick search on Ticketmaster will help you find a concert that gets your toes tapping. 

3. Take a walk on the wild side

Obviously, we don’t recommend going for a stroll in a blizzard. But if it’s just sprinkling, enjoy the natural attractions near you. Whether you have a nearby national park, botanic gardens, or unique hiking trails, your staycation is a chance to get outside and appreciate the beauty of your hometown. 

4. Discover new eateries

After all that exercise, you’ll probably be hungry. Instead of visiting your tried and true burger joint, try a restaurant you’ve never been too. Try something simple, or go for the extraordinary- Los Angeles has a restaurant that’s 71 floors up, and it’s far from the only city with unique dining attractions! Who knows? You might find a quirky new favorite. 

5. Treat yourself to a night away...sort of!

No time to get away? No problem. Odds are, you’ve probably never spent a night at a hotel near you. We recommend going for 4 stars and above for the ultimate staycation experience, but you don’t have to go far. Try finding a relaxing retreat within an hour of home. 

What to Pack

Naturally, what you bring along depends on where you're going. Wherever you go, your favorite Packs Project bag is ready to come along. All our packs are constructed with durable vegan leather, so if you're caught in a light shower while exploring the city, your valuables will be safe and dry.

Adventure is out there...let us know which ones you find! 

P.S. Know someone who would love a pack? Now's the time to stock up on our best sellers for the holidays, with 40% off sitewide from today through December 1st! Enjoy!

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