Our Story

As young entrepreneurs, athletes, and a group of guys who genuinely enjoy fashion, we wanted to build a line of fashion oriented commodities that would define our legacy for the future. The biggest challenge was creating something unique and identifying the direction we wanted to move in. The question that every collegiate graduate is almost always faced with is What and How can one separate themselves from the rest? More importantly, how can we as individuals, blessed with so many opportunities, channel our talents and creative energy to make an impact on the world? We wanted to create something special that would represent our vision of building something for the future.



After brainstorming and assessing global issues that we felt were close to our heart, we collectively agreed that education relief was an issue that resonated fairly close to the both of us and it was something we were more than willing to help with. What came about, as a result, was the concept of Packs Project....a line of fashion forward bags whose sale would generate revenue needed to help build schools in underdeveloped nations. Once we had identified our end goal, we researched many charitable organizations that we felt were a good fit for what we were trying to achieve and ended up partnering with buildOn! For more information on buildOn, look under the "Our Goal" tab under Legacy. 


"Because 10 years from now, when you look back, the decisions you made in your life will be far more gratifying than any amount of wealth you've accumulated. Those decisions will represent you as a citizen of humanity and will ultimately define your legacy"