Packs Is Forever

"No Animal-Based Leather, No Gadgets, No Gimmicks. Just Elegant, Functional Designs That Make A Statement"

It was all a dream

In 2014, Packs began with a single backpack design. Our goal was to offer consumers an opportunity to buy a fashion forward bag and give back to a good cause in one go. Since then, Packs has grown into a thriving fashion travel brand, but our mission has remained simple: To give our customers fashion forward products that they can feel good about buying.

Cruelty-Free Never Looked So Good

The Packs vision was always about building more than a bag company. We designed our bags for a new generation of conscious consumers, featuring ethically sourced materials at affordable prices without sacrificing style.

Designs To Fit Your Lifestyle

What’s the point of a bag that doesn’t fit your needs? Made for practicality and inspired by adventure, our bags are made for everyone, going anywhere. The Packs product line is packed with innovative backpacks and luggage to take you from office to airport and back— over and over again. Every product is made with quality materials that will last through your longest days and greatest adventures. Plus, longer use means less waste. In the long run, it’s a win for the world (and your wallet!)

Transparent Donations, Visible Impact

With Packs, it's personal. Our donations have always gone to a good cause, but now we’re putting more power into customer's hands. Choose a cause that speaks to you, and know exactly how much of your purchase will be donated.